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About Charges on Cheap Air Cargo To Iran

Cargo force specializes in air cargo to Iran from UK. Cargo Force provides lowest rates in the market for air freight, road freight, sea freight, excess baggage and cheap air cargo to Iran services. We provide airport to airport as well as door to door services for air cargo to Iran from UK. Our rates for cargo to Iran are lowest with quality services which you won’t get with any other company.

For booking cheap cargo to Iran you just need to mention the length, height and width along with the weight of your bag or suitcase. Least chargeable weight is 45 kg with special advantage discounts for cargo weighing more than 100kgs. There is no most weight limit, and you can send to the extent that you need.

After mentioning the dimensions of your parcel you will be provided with a quotation along with a packing list which you need to fill before we make the bookings for you. When the booking is confirmed for sending your cargo to Iran from UK, you can either drop your belongings at the air freight drop office or we can organize a pick up from your location for an additional charge.

Please note that booking for cargo to Iran should be made before you drop off the parcel at the nearest depot after you have made the necessary payments for your cheap cargo to Iran from UK you can rest in peace that your shipment will reach its destination safely.

Charges in the table are Airport to Airport air cargo rates to Iran from UK. These prices are cheapest in the UK for sending air freight to Iran from UK. Cargo Force is a reputed company which offers the best and lowest rates in industry for cargo to Iran. Again, Cargo Force is one of the very few companies who have their own network for distributing your cargo in Iran.  It will take anywhere between 1 and 3 working days to deliver your freight to Iran from UK. We will be simply collecting the cargo from your business or residence in UK and delivering it to your destination address in Iran on our airport to door service.

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I R A N 
Rates Per/Kg
All Inclusive
Airport To Airport
Handling   &                                     Clearance in UK
AHWAZ TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
BANDAR ABAS TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
BANDAR LANGEH TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
BOUSHER TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
CHABAHAR TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
ISPAHA TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
KERMAN TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
KERMANSHAH TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
KISH ISLAND TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
MASHAD TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
ONUMIEH TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
RASHT TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
SHIRAZ TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
TABRIZ TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
TEHRAN TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
YAZD TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment
ZAHEDAN TBA + £45.00 Per Shipment

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