Our Best Price Promise

Why book anywhere else?

As a esteemed client Cargo Force wishes to make sure that you at all times be given the BEST PRICE for moving your Shipments around the globe by air cargo whether it be for Business, for Leisure or for Sport .If you happen to find a cheaper available price, bring us a competitor’s quote in writing on their company letterhead and we will beat it, subject to space availability on a carrier! This Best Price Promise is only available in countries where Cargo Force is represented by its own company and/or by an officially appointed and authorized sales and handling agent.

Please note that our Best Price promise does not apply once a booking has been made and paid for.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What prices will Cargo Force beat?

We will beat any domestic and International baggage transportation quote that has the same Origin and Destination, the same date for shipping, the same number of pieces and dimensions, and can be booked through:

  • Other excess and unaccompanied baggage agents
  • Other freight agents
  • Airlines
  • Travel agents
  • Tour operators
  • Internet (where Cargo Force have their own office and/or are represented by an authorised Sales & Handling Agent.)

This Best Price promise is only applicable in countries where Cargo Force have their own offices and/or are represented by an officially appointed and authorised Sales and Handling Agent.

How much will Cargo Force beat other quotes by?

We will beat our competitor’s quotes by the following:

  • We beat international air cargo quotes by £10.00 or equivalent currency of country of export of the quote.
  • We beat domestic quotes by £5.00 or equivalent currency of the country of shipment.

What does “available” mean?

Available means that the other agent’s or operators quote is current, genuine and available to be booked at the time you presented it to us. If the quote time or date is not available, we will offer you the best available alternative that will suit your requirements. These alternatives are ‘within reason’ meaning that we look for alternatives in the same time period, and same service level.

Are there any quotes that are exempted from the Baggage Price Match Promise?

Yes. This would apply to any Corporate and group deals, and any quotes between Cargo Force outlets.

Terms and Conditions

The Best price promise will only be applied to quotes generated by www.cargoforce.co.uk.

The air cargo quote must have the same Origin and Destination, the same date, the same type of service, the same number of pieces and dimensions of pieces.

The amount for which the lowest price is promised only applies to air cargo quotes that have not undergone any modifications, and without including any taxes, customs duties, excise duty, VAT/GST, airline handling and other charges.

The web site where you find that the air cargo quote is cheaper than on Cargo Force has to be an officially registered company that has offices in the origin country where Cargo force Limited has an office and/or is represented by an officially appointed and Authorised Agent of Cargo Force Limited.

The request for a better price must be submitted by email before midnight (23.59 GMT) on the same day on which the Cargo Force quote is generated. The competitor's quote should be attached to the email.

Only one request for a better price can be made per quote.

Any quotes with special or promotional discounts issued both by Cargo Force and/or officially appointed and authorised sales and handling agents and those corresponding to early payment, group rates, promotional rates, corporate rates, negotiated rates etc are excluded.

Cargo Force Limited shall not be held responsible for failures, errors or bad practices attributed to other web sites, in which case the Best Price promise shall not apply.

Cargo Force Limited including www.cargoforce.co.uk reserves the right not to abide by the “Best Price promise” if the basis of the claim cannot be reliably documented and/or demonstrated. Likewise the Best price promise shall be in force whilst it remains published on Cargo Force’s web sites www.cargoforce.co.uk.


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