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About Charges on Cheap Air Cargo To Pakistan

Charges in the table are Airport to Airport air cargo rates to Pakistan from UK. These prices are cheapest in the UK for sending air freight to Pakistan from UK. Cargo Force is a reputed company which offers the best and lowest rates in industry for cargo to Pakistan. Again, Cargo Force is one of the very few companies who have their own network for distributing your cargo in Pakistan.  It will take anywhere between 1 and 3 working days to deliver your freight to Pakistan from UK. We will be simply collecting the cargo from your business or residence in UK and delivering it to your destination address in Pakistan on our airport to door service.

Special Offer Pakistan Cargo Service – Airport to Airport Rates for Cargo to Pakistan


P A K I S T A N 

Special Rates Per/Kg

All Inclusive

Airport To Airport


Handling   &                                     Clearance in UK




£45.00 Per Shipment




£45.00 Per Shipment




£45.00 Per Shipment




£45.00 Per Shipment

Cargo Force service over 6,500 destinations in 240 countries worldwide.

This Special offer has a minimum weight limit of 45kgs for Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar & minimum chargeable weight of 101 kg for Karachi, rates are current as of 24/01/2014 and are All Inclusive of Security Fees, Fuel Surcharge, Wars & Risk Surcharge, Scanning, Air Way Bill Fee, Customs Entry Fees in UK. All rates and charges are subject to change without notice.

Airline Excess Baggage and Airline Unaccompanied Baggage rates are based on Security Fees, Fuel Surcharge, Wars & Risk Surcharge, Scanning, Air Way Bill Fee, Customs Entry Fees rates effective 24/01/2014.

This Special Offer air cargo service is to arrival airport only and does not include at destination, any charges at arrival airport, airline terminal fees, quarantine fees, customs fees, duty/taxes, GST, storage or any other fees airline destination fees. 

Rates are calculated per kilogram from London, Heathrow - United Kingdom.


Top Destination Notes


Air cargo is generally recognized as air freight in Pakistan. Air transportation is a crucial element of countless  logistics networks in UK and Pakistan, essential to managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services, and people, from the source of production to the marketplaces in Pakistan. It is difficult or nearly impossible to accomplish any international Pakistani trading, pakistan’s export/import processes, pakistan’s repositioning of raw materials/products and manufacturing without a professional logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging in pakistan. 

High Air Cargo shipping charges to Pakistan or Air Freight shipping rates to Pakistan. The international Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan shipping department at Cargo Force specializes in low cost international Air Freight shipping and  Airport to Airport shipping to pakistan. Cargo Force can assist you by providing a professional international Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping service to Pakistan.  

Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan Shipping Services 

Customers in United Kingdom can obtain cheapest International Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping rates to pakistan & worldwide Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping services to worldwide destinations. Our international Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping  rates are competitively priced to assist our international Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping customers to access Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping at an affordable price.  We have great international Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping rates to many destinations including: USA, FAR EAST, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & AFRICA.  Our international Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping rates start from as little as 1.37 pence per kilo* all Inclusive.

 International Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan Shipping 

Cargo Force can provides an efficient yet low cost international Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan shipping service for goods Such as personal effects, unaccompanied excess luggage and unaccompanied excess baggage can be shipped worldwide via our Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan shipping service. Cargo Force provides professional international Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan shipping delivery services all major airports.

Five benefits of using our Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan Shipping Service 

  1. We have a specialist Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan Shipping Deparment handling both the small weight Pakistani shipping requirements through to the more larger Pakistan shipping requirements.
  2. Our Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan shipping service covers all major Airports in Pakistan including: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar.
  3. We specialize in handling Pakistan Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping requirements with options of delivering door to door Pakistan shipping, door to airport Pakistan shipping or airport to airport Pakistan shipping.
  4. We provide a competive price, with prices for Pakistan Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping starting from as little as 1.937 pence per kilo* all Inclusive.
  5. We provide a professional & efficient UK wide Air Freight & Air Cargo to pakistan shipping collection service from your home or business premises.

Free Pakistan Air Freight & Air Cargo to Pakistan Shipping Quotation 

Cargo Force provides Pakistan Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping services to both private individuals and businesses requiring low cost Pakistan Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping rates. Contact Cargo Force for a free PakistanAir Freight & Air Cargo shipping quotation to see how much you can save on your Pakistan Air Freight & Air Cargo shipping cost.   

Phone: 0203 384 6470 (lines open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday)


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